Fulvio Mariani, Mario Casella (Schweiz)
To The Origin Of Skiing
54 min
Fulvio Mariani, Mario Casella (Schweiz)
People & Cultures
Mario Casella and Fulvio Mariani are on their way once again: Four years, after several political and administrative interruptions on the Chinese and Pakistani side of the border, the crew finally reached China. Resuming the journey along the ancient Silk Road starting from the Chinese province of Xinjiang and continuing on the Kirghiz side of the Tien Shan range they discovered that the landscape was similar to Afghanistan, but the people were quite different: marked by communism and consumerism in China, scarred by the Soviet experience and great uncertainty in Kirghizstan. Not so long ago extraordinary petroglyphs were found in these mountains; dating back ten thousand years ago, depicting hunters equipped with skis.