Juan Reina (Finnland)
Diving into the Unknown
82 min
Juan Reina (Finnland)
Sports in Mountains & Nature

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2017

The film begins with a nightmare, a disaster. A disaster, which puts into question one’s actions and one’s passion as such. From there, the film develops an absorbing parable about guilt, responsibility, and, above all, a story of an unwavering companionship and love beyond death. Human intimacy and warmth contrast with an inhuman, dark and cold environment. Even the taciturn protagonists fall silent, facing the quiet and the calm of the bizarre underwater world, and an insignia of bravery attempts to soften the eternal inner pain. The prize in category S goes to Diving Into The Unknown.

Four Finnish cave divers face their worst nightmare when two of their friends drown deep inside an underwater cave in Norway. When the official recovery operation is called off by the Norwegian and British authorities after being deemed too risky, the friends set out on a secret mission to retrieve the bodies of their dead friends themselves.