Mark Fletcher (Gro)
Die Zauberwesen von Shangri-La
51 min
Mark Fletcher (Gro)
Nature and Environment

Grand Prix Graz 2016

On my expeditions I have sometimes experienced situations which projected me into the animal world, where surviving is essential. If I had not been able to do so, I would have sold my soul or given my heart for staying alive. This film is not about humans, but about mountain monkeys who succeeded in creating their own Shangri La: a protected area where peace and tranquillity reign. Those monkeys survive in the mountains, using their social network characterized by tenderness, beauty, also cruelty, but always empathy, in a natural and harmonic way. They set an example for all of us for whom “living together” is so important. This film is a little jewel. Therefore, the “Grand Prix Graz 2016” goes to the best that can be done in the field of nature and environment.

The far eastern corner of the Himalayas has been cut off from the modern world for centuries. In Yunnan Province, China, rumours of monkeys living at an altitude of 4,000 metres were only confirmed in the 1960s, and first filmed in the 1980s by a famous Chinese photographer, Xi Zhinong. Strangely beautiful. As endangered as the Giant panda. Charismatic, but elusive