Aslak Danbolt (Norwegen)
Last Base
15 min
Aslak Danbolt (Norwegen)
Sports in Mountains & Nature

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2016

The opening sequence of this film connects to documentaries which attempt to find an approach to the phenomenon “base jumping”. The pictures of a fall, shot with a GoPro-camera, which has often been used uninspiredly in sports films, immediately create an intimacy forcing the audience into the perspective of the jumper’s friends, and their reaction which follows the disaster. However, after this dramatic opening, a film unfolds with soft sounds, which, contrary to many sports films, does not need a dramatic background music to tell its story. The closer the two friends come to their goal, that is, to scatter the ashes of their friend into the wind on a base jump, the stronger becomes their fear and uncertainty before the jump. An approaching thunderstorm additionally jeopardizes their plan. Which will prevail? The adrenalin push before the maybe last jump or the fear of death? Shot against the impressive backdrop of Mt Katthammaren in Norway, “Last Base” is utterly convincing because it it focuses on the characters and their crucial decisions.

When his good friend Roger is killed in a base-jumping accident, Joachim has to promise his girlfriend to give up base-jumping for good. They