Sina Moser
Meeting PHUNTSOK LHAMO - Ein Flüchtlingskind aus Tibet
62 min
Sina Moser
People & Cultures
Thanks to an intensive exchange of letters over thousands of kilometres, two people become more and more acquainted. For more than 10 years, the Salzburg Pia Pederson has supported the Tibetan child refugee Phuntsok Lhamo as a godparent. In 2005, they met for the first and short time in the Children’s Village TCV Upper Dharamsala in North India. How will their new encounter be, after such a long time? How does it feel to have a 16-year-old Tibetan daughter? This documentary interweaves the life of two women who could hardly be more different. It shows in a touching and exciting way, how a godparent contact can break through anonymity and create a relationship where trust and affection play an important role.