Leo Dickinson, Sven Allenbach (Gro)
Anything is Possible - Vom Stummfilm zur Cloud
60 min
Leo Dickinson, Sven Allenbach (Gro)
Special Programme
(beyond competition)
In this panel discussion encounter two generations. Leo Dickinson – born in 1947 – fixed a five-kilo-camcorder on a handicraft-helmet while Sven Allenbach is using hashtags and his smartphone to produce films. Leo Dickinson was the first to shoot a complete climb of the Eiger Northface, to film the ascent of Mount Everest without oxygen supplies and to balloon over its summit. Sven Allenbach not only knows how to produce a good movie, he can also explain the importance of likes and hashtags in modern mountaineering. Together Sven and Leo will be exposed to the questions of a critical audience. Which difficulties came upon the pioneers of action filming in the days of the beginning? Is high-tech-equipment very helpful or does it also increase the pressure on professionals? And where are we heading to if these steps are to be continued? How can you create an extraordinary film in times everybody is able to use high-end camera equipment?