Leo Dickinson (Gro)
Matterhorn - Gefangen in der Nordwand
50 min
Leo Dickinson (Gro)
Special Programme
(beyond competition)
The movie continues along the destiny of three British mountain climbers, trying their hardest to ascend the rough north face of Matterhorn in winter. At the same time the memories of the accident that happened at the very first successful but fatal attempt of Edward Whymper come alive. Four of Whymper’s colleagues fell into death. But even the modern day, well equipped expedition is facing many difficulties. When Eric Jones, one of the mountain climbers, drops, his life is literally hanging on a thread. In addition to that, one of the wildest storms these mountains have ever seen is covering Zermatt and Matterhorn. The mountain climbers are forced to continue amidst terrible thunderstorms and lightning.