Luis Trenker (Deutschland)
Der Berg ruft!
90 min
Luis Trenker (Deutschland)
Special Programme
(beyond competition)
„The Mountain Calls“, produced by Luis Trenker in 1938, where he worked as screenplay writer, director and actor, is the mountain film par excellence. The story tells the dramatic competition for the first ascent of the Matterhorn in the year 1865. The Englishman Edward Whymper and the Italian Jean-Antoine Carrel, acted by Luis Trenker, at first were climbing in one roped-party, then however, they became competitive. Carrel has to watch Whymper climb the Hörnligrat and stand as first on the summit. On the descent, however, everything turns tragic, when four men fall to their deaths in the north face, due to a ripped rope. Whymper is suspected to have cut the rope in order to save his life. The only evidence lays in Carrel’s hand.