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Stefan Köchel, David Schickengruber
Projekt Kugy
12 min
Stefan Köchel, David Schickengruber
Sports in Mountains & Nature
In February 2015, the speed riders Dominik Lindebner and Stefan Stockinger set off to the Julian Alps. Their goal is the mighty Kugy Couloir on the 2,645m high Jalovec Mountain, which has always been an eye-catcher of many mountaineers. They dare their ascent following the traces of Julius Kugy, the most important explorer of this mountain range, under winter conditions. Ice and snow make the climb through the steep gully very difficult, however their thoughts are already beyond the rock formations. In their backpacks, their small paragliders with a surface of only eight square metres await them. Dominik and Stefan want to attempt now an unique adventure: they want to fly across the narrowest passage of the Couloir.