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Jareed Mehan, Olaf Obsommer (Deutschland)
The Grand Canyon of the Stikine
17 min
Jareed Mehan, Olaf Obsommer (Deutschland)
Sports in Mountains & Nature
The Stikine River is considered as one of the most dangerous wild water rivers on earth. It flows 640 km across British Columbia in a seemingly harmless way. However, insiders call it the “Mount Everest of the Rivers”: you neither imagine nor see the stretch before you, and if you have to go round, you can hardly carry a boat there. It flows far away from any human civilisation until it opens out into the Pacific Ocean, in the middle of the famous Inside Passage of Alaska. For a long time, only 12 North-American teams of white water kayakers have attempted the Stikine River. However, now the first European team with Olaf Obsommer has tried to paddle on the notorious white water.