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Oakley Anderson-Moore (USA)
Brave New Wild
76 min
Oakley Anderson-Moore (USA)
Sports in Mountains & Nature
Stumbling upon her father's hi8 tapes, a daughter discovers a world of delinquent oddballs and wino nomad-poets who dedicated their life to an absurdist art form: rock climbing.
Brave New Wild is a subversive how-to guide that chronicles not man's indomitable will to reach the top, but rather, a society of Beat-era outcasts' descent to the bottom (in the name of climbing rocks.) Through a kaleidoscopic mishmash of campfire stories with eccentric climbing pioneers, thrilling archival footage, hand-animated cartoons, and the director's family home videos, Brave New Wild explores an answer to the question of why climb when there's nothing to gain - and everything to lose.