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Christoph Boekel (Deutschland)
Lachse, Bären, Liebestänze - Bei den Itelmenen auf Kamtschatka
43 min
Christoph Boekel (Deutschland)
People & Cultures
The Russian Kamchatka, the largest peninsula of East Asia, extends 1200km from north to south. High rising partly active volcanos, dense forests, wide planes covered with berry bushes and numerous rivers mark this fascinating landscape. In the early 18th century, Georg Wilhelm Steller was one of the first explorers who succeeded to arrive in Kamchatka after years of hardship. In addition to his descriptions of the fauna and flora, he was especially interested in the Itelmen people, the native inhabitants of the peninsula’s southern part. Steller’s complex documentation of their lifestyle and traditions allow the today’s descendants of the Itelmen to re-establish at least parts of their forgotten culture. The filmmaker follows the traces of Steller and he as well is friendly welcomed by the Itelmen.