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Anne, Erik und Véronique Lapied (Frankreich)
Alexandre, fils de berger
70 min
Anne, Erik und Véronique Lapied (Frankreich)
People & Cultures
Alexandre lives in a mountain village and since his childhood, he has, together with his father, herded almost a thousand sheep. Fernand teaches him everything he knows about life on mountain pastures. His son has to learn to climb on steep slopes, to work with dogs, lead the herd, to identify the plants and to catch lame sheep. They form a well-rehearsed team, at an altitude of more than 2,000m, in huts far away from any roads, under the stars and sometimes in stormy weather. This summer’s highlights will be the passing by of the Tour de France, a helicopter transport and the village fête. However, Alexandre hopes above all to gain Fernand’s full confidence, in order to be allowed to herd the big herd all alone.