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Gieri Venzin, Tilmann Remme (Deutschland)
Tatort Matterhorn
87 min
Gieri Venzin, Tilmann Remme (Deutschland)
Alpinism & Expeditions
The first ascent of Matterhorn in July 1865 ended tragically, because four climbers fell to their deaths. Was it an accident? Sabotage? Or even homicide? Pen Hadow, the great grand-nephew of Douglas Hadow, wants to find out what really happened. When searching for evidence, he even replicates the ancient ropes and tests them. He investigates the site of the serious incident and researches old aged documents. „Tatort Matterhorn“ (Site of Crime Matterhorn) is an exciting thriller playing in the high mountains. The drama of the first ascent is meticulously reconstructed, and seven mountaineers climb in historic costumes to the summit. Captivating pictures allow the spectators to immerge into the world of early alpinism.