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Ulf Marquardt (Deutschland)
Giganten des Glücks
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This year, Mountainfilm Graz also offers special "Salon-only"-tickets.
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43 min
Ulf Marquardt (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
Elsewhere, the fishermen chase away the annoying whale sharks hitting them with painful machete blows. However, this is not the case in the small village Oslob on the Filipino Island Cebu. Here, already the children are taught to respect the sea and its dwellers. One day, a tourist observed how a fisherman treated the whale sharks and he was fascinated. He accompanies the man out to sea to watch the gentle giants. With his little underwater camera he films himself together with the whale sharks and places the video on the Internet. This short film started the “whale shark wonder of Oslob”, a true luck for the fishermen and the village.