Sabine Holzer
Zwischen den Welten - Hüter des Erbes
50 min
Sabine Holzer
People & Cultures
Be it the Yapese in Micronesia, the Inuit in Greenland or the Yanomami in Brazil, these peoples have succeeded in adapting themselves to extremely different living spaces and to survive. Yet, today, in many places, the very old traditions become mixed with the so-called western life style. This fascinating documentary points out, how diverse representatives of their respective peoples try to conserve the culture of their ancestors. The 17-year old Dario Yanomami leaves his village in order to fight for the rights of his people in the city. In the east of Greenland, Tobias is one of the last Inuit who still goes hunting in snow and ice with the traditional dog sled. On their South Seas Island, the Yapese set value on their traditions, however, currently they are threatened by a luxury hotel project of a Chinese investor group.