Sacha Mirzoeff (Gro)
Wildes Kanada - Der wilde Westen
53 min
Sacha Mirzoeff (Gro)
Nature and Environment
For thousands of years, the native Canadians have cultivated the region between the Canadian Pacific Coast and the mighty Rocky Mountains. They burnt down the undergrowth of the forests to enhance their chances to hunt stags. They harvested the eatable roots of the camas, as well as nutrient acorns. Another food source is still nowadays connected with an impressive natural spectacle, which is repeated every year, namely with the salmon run. Wolves fishing salmons in the river, male bighorn sheep fighting for the females, or grizzly bears, which with the snow change into a strange kind of “polar bear”, together with breath taking aerial photos, unique slow motion and time lapse pictures, as well as meticulously stage-managed historic scenes provide a complex and thrilling portray of Canada’s nature and history.