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Eliza Kubarska (Polen)
K2 - Touching the Sky
72 min
Eliza Kubarska (Polen)
People & Cultures

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2015

Mountaineering is too often presented as a heroic pursuit of men and women pitted against the most hostile environments in nature. But there are other challenges rarely considered. In a sensitive and totally compelling story, this film brings together a group of people who as children lost a parent to K2. With thoughtful editing, and unintrusive camera work, this film explores each individual as they come to terms with the question; “why was I abandoned?”

In the summer of 1986, several dozen alpinists from all over the world met to climb K2, the second highest mountain on the planet. Very soon the season transforms into a series of tragic events that become known as the “black summer”, leaving 13 climbers dead. Almost 30 years later, filmmaker Eliza Kubarska sets out on an expedition together with an international group of grown-up children of acclaimed mountaineers who died on K2. On the way to K2 base camp, Hania Piotrowska, ?ukasz Wolf, Lindsey and Chris Tullis will challenge themselves to face the past and to understand the force that once seduced their parents and eventually killed them. On the other hand, Eliza, a woman and an experienced alpinist, asks herself questions: Is my passion worth the risk? And: Could I have a child?