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Leonhardt Steinbichler (Deutschland)
Die gefährlichsten Schulwege der Welt - Himalaya
43 min
Leonhardt Steinbichler (Deutschland)
People & Cultures
The ten-year old Motup lives with his family in the Indian Himalaya, in the village Zangla on the Zanskar River, at an altitude of 4000m. Around 650 people dwell in this extremely remote area. Whoever does not want to stay in the village forever, has to go to one of the good schools in a big city. After two months winter holiday, Motup and his father prepare everything for their journey to Leh, to return to the boarding school, which he and his friends attend. His way to school means at least four days on foot. For a 100 km, the route leads along a mostly frozen river, which all of a sudden can change into a torrential river. This is probably the longest way to school on earth.