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Gerald Salmina
Streif – One Hell of a Ride
120 min
Gerald Salmina
Sports in Mountains & Nature
The Streif is the ultimate challenge. Whoever dares to ski down it without being in the best physical and mental conditions, will game away the chance of a victory and will risk to become seriously hurt. This film accompanies five downhill ski racers during their summer training and in their leisure time. The Ski Club Kitzbühel is also preparing for the race. The drama before the race is followed by the drama of the race itself. Erik Guay is injured before the final training. Max Franz has to accept that he still has a lot to learn. Aksel Lund Svindal feels too early as a winner and Hannes Reichelt surprises his fans with his perfect downhill descent, although he should not have been allowed to start. This he will know only after the victory celebration in 2014.