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Jan Haft (Deutschland)
Wilde Slowakei
44 min
Jan Haft (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
Although Slovakia is located in the heart of Europe, we know almost nothing about this land. The biodiversity of the Slovakian nature is surprising, because on a surface of approximately 49,000 square kilometres, one can find flood plains and alluvial meadows, as well as cragged high mountains and soft hills with their respective flora and fauna. In some parts, Slovakia has maintained its originality, which is proved by the several hundred wolves and bears wandering across old forests. Interested observers can encounter endemic rarities, such as the Carpathian blue slug, or the mudminnow, which is threatened by extinction, and the rare Tatra chamois. Aerial shots showing the whole country from the bird’s eye view and elaborately shot pictures of Slovakia’s cultural treasury make this an outstanding film.