Sports in Mountains & Nature- 37 Beiträge

Films that focus on the athletic performance in an outdoor environment and the motivations of the protagonists.

Wareck Arnaud, Johann Civel
11 min
The first ascent of La Meije (Massif des Ecrins) in August 1877 by Gaspard de la Meije is often described as the...
Sébastian Montaz-Rosset
34 min
With peaks of over 4000 metres rising spectacularly from the valley floor, Chamonix is home to an unrivalled history...
Bertrand Delapierre
12 min
Twenty years ago, Andy Parkin and Mark Twight opened a route on the Mont Blanc-Massif, which they accurately named
Guido Perrini
33 min
Watch Snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue and freeskier Samuel Anthamatten riding faces of peaks in the area of Zermatt and...
Sébastian Montaz-Rosset
62 min
Defying his own limits,
Stefan Köchel, David Schickengruber
14 min
The Finnish professional climber Nalle Hukkataival is coming for the fourth time to Carinthia, to the Maltal valley,...
Andre Nutini
36 min
Skiing is a roller coaster of emotions. Nothing is comparable to the dream like feeling of being in the mountains,...
Franz Walter
7 min
It is impossible to minimize the risk of ice climbing. Every climb on an icefall is a critical adventure due to the...
Paul Diffley, Chris Prescott
50 min
After their success climbing the world's hardest offwidth crack Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall embark on their next...
Laurent Triay
59 min
A team of rope enthusiasts on the search of new possibilities in highlining and rope jumping. The camera follows them...
Mike Douglas
15 min
Josh Dueck was an aspiring skier and coach until a ski accident in 2004 changed his life for good. After coming to...
Sascha Köllnreitner
94 min
They fly along steep rock cliffs, dive without oxygen into the depths of the sea, and, on incredibly gruelling...
Jeff Thomas
7 min
Every summer, forest fires burn wildly across the temperate mountain regions of the world. As destructive as they...
Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen
26 min
Forty-three-year-old Yuji Hirayama is one of the great legends of modern climbing. Near retirement, he plans one big...
Jonathan, Norman und Ronald P. Vaughan
45 min
Sports in Mountains & Nature (beyond competition)
Today we are used to experiencing TV-sports events very close to the athlete. This is only possible due to numerous...
Josh Lowell, Nick Rosen, Peter Mortimer
24 min
The UK climbing scene is known for its strict traditional ethic, yielding dangerous routes and a competitive machismo...
Robert Iseni, Aurélie Saillard
52 min
Eric Bellion and Pierre Meisel, two experienced sailors, set themselves a great challenge: recruit a crew made up of...
Francois Suchel
87 min
One may decide to leave because one has never traveled or, on the contrary, one may choose to travel because one left...
Adrian Goiginger
6 min
A sunny winter day in the Austrian Alps. Perfect conditions for the professional ski free riders Stefan and Bj
Dean Leslie
16 min
Bernd Heinrich is a retired Professor living in a log cabin in the woods of Western Maine. He has held numerous...
Brett Schreckengost
3 min
Skier and Mountaineer Greg Hope makes an historic descent of the iconic San Joaquin Couloir in Telluride. At first he...
Andreas Thaulow
15 min
Agnes and Ragnar, a couple in their late 20's, are climbing a mountain in Northern Norway. In this potentially deadly...
Cedar Wright
26 min
Follow the goofy and endearing duo of Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright as they prove that they learned nothing from...
Karin Duregger
16 min
Two young guys parallel valleys and mountains equally. Their call is to become united with nature. Armin and...
Skip Armstrong
6 min
When a newbie kayaker goes paddling, he discovers a posse of pros on the river and wonders whether someday he could...
Will Taggart
6 min
Wake boarders pulled across the water by their kites, this is not exceptional. However, that kites are used more and...
Jon Herranz
18 min
Francisco Marin, also known "Novato" ("Rookie" in Spanish), is a 61-year-old climber and the only known person in the...
Aleksander Dario Nilsen, Sohail Kamali
46 min
33 year old Eskil Ronningsbakken from Norway is the world's most daring extreme balancing artist, praised for his...
Pavol Barabás
53 min
Western, High, and Belianske Tatras. They are connected by a gorgeous, logical and long ridge line formed by more...
Simon Platzer
25 min
A group of skiers arrives in Juneau (Alaska) by plane. Their baggage got lost, the weather is bad and they don
Olaf Obsommer
22 min
Norway instead of New Zealand, bicycle instead of aeroplane, tent instead of room. On their journey across Norway,...
Thomas Miklautsch
24 min
Cliff diver Orlando Duque is a man known for going deep
Jean-Daniel Lagant
53 min
Slack-lining is one of the most recent sport types which is developing quite fast. A young Frenchman is a passionate...
Laurent Jamet
52 min
As skiers we are often only interested in one thing: the way down. But the evolution of skiing forces us to conquer...
Sam Giffin
7 min
For quite some time skiers were enjoying the powder in the backcountry, while snowboarders were stuck at the ski lift...
Hanno Mackowitz
19 min
Besides roaring freeride action and technical skiing from the two protagonists Stefan H