Nature and Environment- 27 Beiträge

Films that deal with preservation and presentation of the environment, nature and wildlife.

Iris Gesang, Andreas Kieling
44 min
Andreas Kieling travels to the most beautiful animal paradises on earth and presents exceptional and charismatic...
Berndt Welz
49 min
The insect scientist and animal film maker Urs Wyss has a goal. The Swiss wants to capture the fascinating procedures...
Kurt Mayer
51 min
Mankind plays a decisive role for sparrows. Since more than 10,000 years, they follow us without allowing us to...
Daniel Dencik
90 min
On a three-masted schooner aboard with artists, scientists and ambitions worthy of Noah or Columbus, we set off...
Michael Schlamberger
30 min
Nature and Environment (beyond competition)
Since the time when the Lumi
Jan Haft
45 min
In our gardens live animals which are hardly known. Many of them are auxiliaries of the gardener in his battle...
Christoph Hauschild
44 min
Huge forests surround the Lake Stechlin and protect it from the impacts of modern agriculture. Therefore the lake is...
Ingolf Baur, Johannes Steinbronn
29 min
Our idea of nature is dominated by a black-or-white thinking structure. According to this, nature is good per se. It...
Jan Kerckhoff, Susanne Delonge
50 min
Marcel Barelli
8 min
My grandfather is telling me a story that he invented and asks me to make a film out of it: Because of pollution,...
Anthony Bonello, Nicolas Teichrob
46 min
With an oil pipeline proposal comes talk of what there is to be gained. The film asks the question,
John Gussman, Jessica Plumb
70 min
"Return of the River" follows a group of people that attempt the impossible: to change the opinion of a town and the...
Zhou Bing
43 min
The snow leopard is a shy animal. In his homeland, the Tibetan High Plateaus, it avoids contact with humans...
Waltraud Paschinger
52 min
The Nockberge mountain range counts among Europe
Ralf Blasius
44 min
In this episode, the journey starts 100 million years ago. An incisive event is particularly marking Germany and...
Axel Gomille
45 min
In former days, the snow leopards were quite common in the high mountains of Asia. In Kyrgyzstan there once lived one...
Jochen Schliessler, Nanje de Jong-Teuscher
44 min
Pure, almost deserted and pristine: in the southwest of Yukon, the Kluane National Park was founded in 1972, whose...
Corinna Wirth
43 min
With its 5900 metre and seven climate zones, from the African Savannah up to the Arctic glaciers, the Kilimanjaro...
Jürgen Eichinger
44 min
The Danube flows for approximately 600 km through Germany, from the source in the Black Forest to the border near...
Thomas Behrend
48 min
The river Kongo, mighty and dangerous like no other river, nevertheless constitutes a refugium and home for some of...
Iris Gesang, Andreas Kieling
44 min
In this sequence, Andreas Kieling travels to Africa in order to film the extremely rare Ethiopian wolves, a very...
Klaus Scheurich
44 min
Just as the seasons follow one another, all creatures must struggle on their own for survival and are yet dependent...
Frank Mirbach
44 min
Snow-covered mountains, narrow valleys and endless forests mark the Rocky Mountains in northern British Columbia in...
Andrea Rüthlein
29 min
Slavc and Giulietta
Florian Guthknecht
45 min
One of the most varied living spaces on earth and at the same time holiday destination of millions of people is the...