Details Saturday, 15. Nov. 2014

You do not need an extra-ticket for the "Blauer Salon" or the "Grünen Salon". If you own a ticket for the programs shown in the Stefaniensaal, Steiermarksaal or Kammermusiksaal, this ticket is valid for the respective whole day and you have free entrance to the whole program shown in the �Saloons�.

Mehr Information zum Blauen Salon
Corinna Wirth
09:00 - 43 min
With its 5900 metre and seven climate zones, from the African Savannah up to the Arctic glaciers, the Kilimanjaro...
Tilman Achtnich, Claus Hanischdörfer
09:45 - 44 min
Life and death in the mountains, dealing with avalanches, ice, rock, and exhaustion, confrontation with oneself,...
Jürgen Eichinger
10:30 - 44 min
The Danube flows for approximately 600 km through Germany, from the source in the Black Forest to the border near...
Thomas Behrend
11:15 - 48 min
The river Kongo, mighty and dangerous like no other river, nevertheless constitutes a refugium and home for some of...
Iris Gesang, Andreas Kieling
13:05 - 44 min
In this sequence, Andreas Kieling travels to Africa in order to film the extremely rare Ethiopian wolves, a very...
Véronique, Anne & Erik Lapied
13:50 - 60 min
“My name is Lhamo. I was born high up there, between the highest summits on earth, and I will tell you the story of...
Klaus Scheurich
14:55 - 44 min
Just as the seasons follow one another, all creatures must struggle on their own for survival and are yet dependent...
Katharina Schickling
15:40 - 45 min
This film presents the history of a revolution, the evolution from mountains to ski resorts. In the 1950ies and 60ies...
Hanno Mackowitz
16:25 - 19 min
Besides roaring freeride action and technical skiing from the two protagonists Stefan Häusl and Björn Heregger, this...
Frank Mirbach
16:45 - 44 min
Snow-covered mountains, narrow valleys and endless forests mark the Rocky Mountains in northern British Columbia in...
Andrea Rüthlein
17:30 - 29 min
Slavc and Giulietta – two wolves who were born a long distance away from each other, but nevertheless have found each...
Florian Guthknecht
18:00 - 45 min
One of the most varied living spaces on earth and at the same time holiday destination of millions of people is the...

Program Saturday, 15. Nov. 2014