Details Friday, 14. Nov. 2014

You do not need an extra-ticket for the "Blauer Salon" or the "Grünen Salon". If you own a ticket for the programs shown in the Stefaniensaal, Steiermarksaal or Kammermusiksaal, this ticket is valid for the respective whole day and you have free entrance to the whole program shown in the �Saloons�.

Mehr Information zum Blauen Salon
Jean-Daniel Lagant
15:20 - 53 min
Slack-lining is one of the most recent sport types which is developing quite fast. A young Frenchman is a passionate...
Laurent Jamet
16:15 - 52 min
As skiers we are often only interested in one thing: the way down. But the evolution of skiing forces us to conquer...
Axel Gomille
17:10 - 45 min
In former days, the snow leopards were quite common in the high mountains of Asia. In Kyrgyzstan there once lived one...
Sam Giffin, Zack Giffin
17:55 - 13 min
When we're born, we're all destined to become something. Some of us are lucky enough to become skiers. We grow up,...
Allison Otto
18:10 - 25 min
It's odd to consider that the one person who has exhaustively tracked, detailed, and archived Himalayan expeditions...
Evrard Wendenbaum
18:35 - 53 min
In their infinite quest for virgin big walls, Belgian adventurers and musicians Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, Nicolas...
Jochen Schliessler, Nanje de Jong-Teuscher
19:30 - 44 min
Pure, almost deserted and pristine: in the southwest of Yukon, the Kluane National Park was founded in 1972, whose...

Program Friday, 14. Nov. 2014