Details Saturday, 15. Nov. 2014

Simon Platzer
25 min
A group of skiers arrives in Juneau (Alaska) by plane. Their baggage got lost, the weather is bad and they don’t...
Karsten Scheuren
80 min
On September 30th, 2012 the German Benedikt Böhm from Munich set a new record in the Himalayas. In only 15 hours he...
Jochen Hemmleb, Tom Dauer, Günther Göberl
52 min
This episode of the series „The Six Big North Faces of the Alps“, accompanies the young mountain guide Michael Lerjen...
Thomas Miklautsch
24 min
Cliff diver Orlando Duque is a man known for going deep – but this time it's not only deep water, it's the deep...

Program Saturday, 15. Nov. 2014