Details Friday, 14. Nov. 2014

Brett Schreckengost
20:00 - 3 min
Skier and Mountaineer Greg Hope makes an historic descent of the iconic San Joaquin Couloir in Telluride. At first he...
Andreas Thaulow
20:03 - 15 min
Agnes and Ragnar, a couple in their late 20's, are climbing a mountain in Northern Norway. In this potentially deadly...
Cedar Wright
20:18 - 26 min
Follow the goofy and endearing duo of Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright as they prove that they learned nothing from...
Karin Duregger
21:04 - 16 min
Two young guys parallel valleys and mountains equally. Their call is to become united with nature. Armin and...
Skip Armstrong
21:20 - 6 min
When a newbie kayaker goes paddling, he discovers a posse of pros on the river and wonders whether someday he could...
Olaf Obsommer
21:26 - 22 min
Norway instead of New Zealand, bicycle instead of aeroplane, tent instead of room. On their journey across Norway,...

Program Friday, 14. Nov. 2014