Prize Winning Films 2014

Grand Prix Graz

The director of this universal story invites us gently to the world of an old man where we experience the essential aspects of life. The old man teaches us to respect nature. We watch this man without any hurry in his world, which is slowly disappearing. A symbolic and empathic film about a person who has always worked hard, and has never expected remuneration but nevertheless is a rich man. This great film is about giving.

Alpine Camera Austria

How is it to be one of the smallest creatures on earth? How to survive in the hardest environment ever – in the middle of human civilisation? The answer is hidden in our neighbourhood. Humankind could learn a lot from these smart, likeable birds. This film is showing spectacular pictures of one single species spread all over the world. Exceptional locations and a creative narration contribute to this impressive story.

Kamera Alpin in Gold

A film which treats the essential questions, such as the origin of the earth, life, or the end of all life, in a surprising and humorous way. On a historic three-master, several completely different characters travel along the breath-taking northeast coast of Greenland. The director and his camera team succeed in revealing in an impressive way how humans can philosophize individually and at the same time in a similar vein about the world and its secrets.
Two lovers are climbing an alpine route and their relationship comes apart at the seams. In such a situation, one of the climbing partners holds the life of the other one in his hands. In this short feature film, the director deals the topic of reliance in a creative and surprising way. This story is not only told in an impressive and dramaturgically consistent mode, it captivates as well by the convincing acting of both protagonists.
Milena Holzknecht, Alessandro Bandinelli, Matteo Vettorel
The aim is a 7.400 meter summit, unclimbed. A team of three extreme alpinists in the remote Karakorum have not only documented with minimum equipment but bring back also an outstanding film and a brilliant story. The modern camera techniques have not been exaggerated, thus a perfect project and a perfect film in terms of modern alpinism.
This film succeeds in breaking the conventional approach which is often used in ethnographical films. The divides and conflicts in the encounters with the tourists and the director are demonstrated with plenty of irony. The Himbas become the authors of their own story.

Lobende Erwähnung