Andrea Rüthlein (Deutschland)
You do not need an extra-ticket for the "Blauer Salon" or the "Grünen Salon". If you own a ticket for the programs shown in the Stefaniensaal, Steiermarksaal or Kammermusiksaal, this ticket is valid for the respective whole day and you have free entrance to the whole program shown in the �Saloons�.

Mehr Information zum Blauen Salon
29 min
Andrea Rüthlein (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
Slavc and Giulietta – two wolves who were born a long distance away from each other, but nevertheless have found each other. Slavc originates from the Slavnik pack in southern Slovenia. In July 2011, Slovenian scientists have caught the wolf and have fitted a neckband with a transmitter. From this moment on, his every step is under GPS control. In December 2013, Slavc sets off to search a new territory. After three months and 1.500 kilometres he has reached his goal, the Lessinia. In this mountain landscape between Verona and the Lake Garda, a she-wolf is awaiting him. Giulietta has settled down here. She is an immigrant as well from an Italian pack in the Piedmont. This is the very first document that proves, that two wolf populations, which have been separated for centuries, were able to find each other