Thomas Behrend (Deutschland)
Mythos Kongo – Im Reich der Menschenaffen
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48 min
Thomas Behrend (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
The river Kongo, mighty and dangerous like no other river, nevertheless constitutes a refugium and home for some of the most exceptional creatures on earth. Deep in the dense inner jungle which surround the Kongo and its confluents, three of the four ape species live. Although they live so close together, they show distinct differences in their behaviour. Above all the Bonobos, which due to the water masses of the Kongo had been cut off from their conspecifics, have developed their particular way to solve conflicts: by sex! In the waters of the Kongo cavort fish with long noses or giant trunks. All of those species are wonderfully adapted to the extreme living conditions. The Kongo is therefore considered to be an experimental kitchen of evolution, an Eldorado of the biodiversity.