Waltraud Paschinger
Nockberge – Land zwischen Himmel und Erde
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52 min
Waltraud Paschinger
Nature and Environment
The Nockberge mountain range counts among Europe’s most interesting average mountains and due to their soft forms and their geological diversity, they present a rarity in the Alpine space. The rolling green hills are reminiscent of Ireland and the high plateaus of the bright world of Castile. This smooth landscape is only interrupted by a cragged rock line with steep cwms and sharp ridges. Also with icy mountain lakes and crystal clear brooks with a high number of small, extremely nutrient-poor cold ponds and high moors. Cattle herds and huge packs of stags are grazing together up to the summit regions, and the numerous degenerated mines have been overgrown since long ago by Alpine virgin forests. A wild nature and the very old culture of mountain farming mark the character of the Nockberge National Park, which forms a true exotic landscape in the middle of Austria.