Julien Cabon, Vincent Perazio (Frankreich)
L’obsession de l’ours (Von Bären besessen)
52 min
Julien Cabon, Vincent Perazio (Frankreich)
Alpinism & Expeditions

Lobende Erwähnung 2014

Alan, an engineer in polar logistics and Julien, a naval Reporter Officer, have a dream: to reach the North Pole. They decide to set off to Greenland to test their skills in hard conditions and also gather sea samples for a scientific lab. On their expedition, they embark their dog Kiniak, supposed to protect them from polar bears, the masters of the arctic. Alan and Julien have to face wild storms and watch out constantly for the presence of bears around them, day and night. For their survival, they have no choice but to kill two of them, against their will. An act that Julien, fond of nature, finds hard to recover from. In this documentary, he shares his thoughts and feelings emotionally, as to better exorcise his heaviness. The best way for him to learn and grow from this experience.