Ingolf Baur, Johannes Steinbronn (Deutschland)
Das Ende der Natur
29 min
Ingolf Baur, Johannes Steinbronn (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
Our idea of nature is dominated by a black-or-white thinking structure. According to this, nature is good per se. It is necessary to preserve it. Man, however, is a destroyer. His action has to be limited in order to save nature. This approach is no more state of the art. This documentary is searching for humans who have adapted a new relationship to nature. In the eco-village Sieben Linden, in the German Altmark region, every inhabitant produces only 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide per year. The Tyrolean farmer Robin Silberberger and his family face completely different challenges at an altitude of 1,700 metres. And in the Black Forest people argue about a national park. Finally, a geo-biologist explains, that nature protection must be changed, that the earth has to be “created like a garden”, where the complexity of all coherencies are taken into consideration.