Kurt Mayer
Planet der Spatzen
51 min
Kurt Mayer
Nature and Environment

Alpine Camera Austria 2014

How is it to be one of the smallest creatures on earth? How to survive in the hardest environment ever – in the middle of human civilisation? The answer is hidden in our neighbourhood. Humankind could learn a lot from these smart, likeable birds. This film is showing spectacular pictures of one single species spread all over the world. Exceptional locations and a creative narration contribute to this impressive story.

Mankind plays a decisive role for sparrows. Since more than 10,000 years, they follow us without allowing us to domesticize them. They have conquered “men’s world” in their own way, and one can hardly find any place on earth where one does not find sparrows near humans. Depending on the natural conditions, on climate or architecture, they have settled down where we settle.