Benedikt Kuby (Deutschland)
Der Bauer bleibst du
101 min
Benedikt Kuby (Deutschland)
People & Cultures

Grand Prix Graz 2014

The director of this universal story invites us gently to the world of an old man where we experience the essential aspects of life. The old man teaches us to respect nature. We watch this man without any hurry in his world, which is slowly disappearing. A symbolic and empathic film about a person who has always worked hard, and has never expected remuneration but nevertheless is a rich man. This great film is about giving.

It is about 400 years that members of the Wanner family own extended farmland high in the Austrian Alps. The last living descendant is Heinz Wanner, age 82, who has no children of his own. In order to secure the maintenance of his farmland in the way he thinks proper, the aged farmer is looking for a successor. His choice falls upon Johannes, 22 years young. Now two personalities communicate with each other, which seem to come out of different worlds. For forty years Heinz Wanner ran his farm all alone and in the way it was done when he himself was young. That means he works with old fashioned farming tools and produces most of his daily food himself. His farming techniques are practically unknown nowadays and certainly no longer in use. Johannes appreciates the old farmer and is eager to learn from him how things were done formerly.