Matthias Affolter (Schweiz)
Berge im Kopf
94 min
Matthias Affolter (Schweiz)
Alpinism & Expeditions
High mountains serve as a refuge and as a home for mountaineers of four generations. Together with Jacques Grandjean we search for crystals in the crumbly rock of forgotten walls. We hear the curses of the extreme alpinist Dani Arnold, climbing on the north face of the Gross Ruchen in a foehn storm. Stephan Siegrist invites us to his expedition to the Makalu Western Pillar in Nepal, whereas the more than 70 year-old Werner Munter still keeps on searching for new routes in the wildest spots of the Val d’Héren. On their search for the right way, the four mountain guides are steadily confronted with life questions, asked by everyone: What risk am I prepared to take and what must be given up to fulfil my dreams?