Alexandre Marchesseau (Frankreich)
Gare au Gauri (Shankar)
17 min
Alexandre Marchesseau (Frankreich)
Alpinism & Expeditions
Four french alpinists embarque on a perilous quest to reach the summit of Gaurishankar, in the Rolwaling valley, Nepal. It will take three strenuous days for Mathieu Maynadier, Pierre Labbre, Mathieu Détrie and Jérome Para to overcome the 1900m of vertical rock covered in snow and ice. On the 23rd of October 2013 at 4pm, the team, nicknamed "PAMALADE" reach the south facing summit of Gaurishankar, at a whopping 6900m, the boys are on top of the world and have conquered the summit of their dreams. The opening of this route, babtised "le voyage au bout de la peine" (journey to the end of pain) has since become known as a great success for French alpinism in the Himalayas.