Paul Diffley, Chris Prescott (Gro)
Wide Boyz II
50 min
Paul Diffley, Chris Prescott (Gro)
Sports in Mountains & Nature
After their success climbing the world's hardest offwidth crack Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall embark on their next crack climbing mission. Their goal is the mighty Cobra Crack in Squamish (Canada), considered to be the hardest finger crack in the world. First climbed by Canadian 'rock star' Sonnie Trotter after battling it out with Didier Berthod, the route hit the media spotlight in the film “First Ascent”. With no local hard cracks to train on, the Wide Boyz refit their underground training dungeon and commit to a year of torturous finger training. At the site the Boyz face their biggest challenge yet against the sharp granite bite of the mighty Cobra Crack!