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Alpine and foreign cultures - 11 Beiträge

Contributions which deal with ethnological topics and cultures worthy of protection in Alpine and foreign regions

Himalaya, Le Village Suspendu

Véronique, Anne & Erik Lapied (Frankreich), 78 min, Language: F/D - Alpine and foreign cultures

Tashi and his sisters live in the Lingshed village, situated at an altitude of 4000m in Ladakh in the Himalayas. There are no roads, no shops and no electricity. In the winter, Lingshed is cut off from the rest of the world for several months. The... more

Vanishing Point

Stephen A. Smith, Julia Szucz (Kanada), 83 min, Language: Inu/E - Alpine and foreign cultures

“As the world melts under our feet, we must find the best way for our journey.” Navarana is a Polar Eskimo elder who lives in the most remote corner of the planet, the northwest tip of Greenland. She is connected by blood to a group of Canadian... more

Der Filmbringer

Martin Guggisberg (Schweiz), 2 min, Language: n.v. - Alpine and foreign cultures

A man dragging a film in the snow places it on reels mounted on trees. In this manner, the film rolls from reel to reel and can be watched at any given site with a film projector. The film bringer meanders through the different landscapes, serving... more

Prosper – Der Koch am Kilimanjaro

Rudi Stangl & Raoul Kopacka , 45 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

For more than 25 years Prosper has been climbing on the highest mountain of Africa. He works as a cook on the Kilimanjaro. Prosper alone takes care of his two children. His biggest dream is saving enough money for a motor bike. He is only one of... more

Der Stab, der Geiger und die Höhlenforscher

Uwe Krüger (Deutschland), 45 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

„Der Stab, der Geiger und die Höhlenforscher“ (The Pole, the Violin Player and the Speleologists) tells the story of the violin playing shepherd Toni Burger, who uses the fantastic acoustics of the cave for his music, on the one hand side; and on... more

Kinder der Glücklichen

Dorothe Dörholt (Deutschland), 43 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

It is considered as one of the most spectacular transhumance in the world. For many weeks, the Bachtiari nomads migrate across the Zagros Mountains in the southwest of Iran. Twice a year they hike with hundreds of goats and sheep from the winter... more

Da chatschaders e da chatschads (Von Jägern und Gejagten)

Casper Nicca, Stefan Dobler, Curdin Fliri (Schweiz), 25 min, Language: Rumantsch/D - Alpine and foreign cultures

Hunting has many different faces and facings. Odilo Oswald is searching his ideal chamois buck in the mountains around the Piz Seraglio in the Münster Valley. Richard Cantieni and Michael Magnasch cross slopes and valleys via Wergenstein in the... more

Die großen Tierwanderungen in Spanien

Heribert Schöller (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

The transhumance is a very old tradition. In the early summer, when the vast landscapes of central and south Spain begin to dry out, herds of sheep, cattle and goats are driven several hundreds of kilometres to the mountains, an area with more... more

Pur forever - Carl Jenal - il pli vegl pur svizzer (Carl Jenal – der älteste Bauer der Schweiz)

Susanna Fanzun (Schweiz), 25 min, Language: Rumantsch/D - Alpine and foreign cultures

Carl Jenal is the oldest, still active farmer in Switzerland, this year he will be 98 years old. He cannot imagine a life without cows and work on the field. The film maker Susanna Fanzun has followed Carl Jenal for one year with her camera. The... more

Sonam – Mein Ladakh

Helmut Lechthaler (Italien), 60 min, Language: Ladakhi/D - Alpine and foreign cultures

The 77-year old Ladakhi Sonam Tsetan knows the mountains and the people in Ladakh like no-one else. In 1974 he was one of the first to offer trekking tours for tourists and to open a guest house, since the opening of the border to India. Since... more

Apô Karim

Laurent Chevallier (Frankreich), 55 min, Language: F - Alpine and foreign cultures

For the last 25 years Laurent Chevallier has been filming „little Karim“, one of the best known high altitude porters of the Himalayas – to be more precise: of the Karakorum. Thanks to his rich experience and his long friendships with mountaineers... more