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Climbing on rock and ice - 21 Beiträge

Films about rock and ice climbing, showing the activities of climbing and the motives behind them

Petzl Roc Trip China

Vladimir Cellier (Frankreich), 23 min, Language: E - Climbing on rock and ice

Let’s hit the road for the Guizhou province in Southwest China, specifically to the high cliffs and the Great Arch of Getu He: an intense trip to discover a mysterious land, to meet the friendly local population, and to rope up with the... more

Rockin’ Cuba

Vladimir Cellier (Frankreich), 28 min, Language: F+Sp/E - Climbing on rock and ice

Six young climbers set off to Cuba to equip new climbing routes. Mickaël Fuselier and Nina Caprez travel together with Enzo Oddo, Mélissa Le Nevé, Cédric Lachat and Sébastien Boussogne. This cheery troupe install a complete sector in the Valle... more

Finisterre - Bouldering on a Shrinking Globe

David Schickengruber, Stefan Köchel , 45 min, Language: D - Climbing on rock and ice

This film deals with the fascinating personalities who mark the micro-cosmos of the climbing scenery in Galicia in northern Spain. Together with local people, three friends from Graz explore various boulder areas along the Costa da Morte and in... more

I Believe I Can Dream

Petr Slanina (Tschechische Republik), 8 min, Language: n.v. - Climbing on rock and ice

“I believe I can Dream” depicts the lives of two young people, Adam Ondra and Kristýna Vlcková. Adam Ondra, already at age 20, is an acclaimed world-renowned climber and Kristýna Vlcková is devoted to rope acrobatics, in which there is no one that... more


Alastair Lee (Gro), 17 min, Language: E/D - Climbing on rock and ice

Leo Houlding is a climber known for bold ascents at the most remote big walls on our planet. This time Leo and fellow climbers Sean Leary and Jason Pickles head deep into the Amazon in an attempt to make the first ascent of the east face of the... more


Petr Kašpar (Tschechische Republik), 30 min, Language: CZ/E - Climbing on rock and ice

A lot of time has passed since the first ascent of “Kral” in Adrspach and thousands of climbing routes have been created in the region since then. New routes keep appearing all the time; each with their own story and each of them unique... more

Wide Boyz

Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen (USA), 12 min, Language: E - Climbing on rock and ice

American offwidth climbing has spawned a counter-culture of rough and tumble characters who aren't afraid to bleed their way up a route. So when two proper British lads, Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker, crossed the pond to eat up the gnarliest wide... more

Vienna Walls

Philipp Stromer , 24 min, Language: D - Climbing on rock and ice

“Vienna Walls” is a short film about Vienna's best sites and sights: Besides Urban Boulder classics such as the »Flexwand« at the Danube River there are shown new spots like the roof of the public library or the bridge over the Prater Avenue - the... more

La Dura Dura

Josh Lowell (USA), 28 min, Language: E/D - Climbing on rock and ice

Chris Sharma has been the "king" of sport climbing for 15 years, and has created a mecca for hard routes near his home in Catalunya, Spain. Now, the Czech wunderkind, 19 year old Adam Ondra, has come to Sharma's home turf to take the torch. Sharma... more

Über dem Abgrund – Die Extrembergsteiger Daniela und Robert Jasper

Christof Gerlitz (Deutschland), 30 min, Language: D - Climbing on rock and ice

There are enough superlatives about Robert and Daniela Jasper. In the mountaineering world they belong to the best in the world. He has climbed the steepest rock faces on earth, she has accompanied him on many of his tours. They are connected by... more

Escalade, école de la vie (Klettern als Schule fürs Leben)

Jean Guillemot (Frankreich), 4 min, Language: n.v. - Climbing on rock and ice

17h rock climbing site of Aviron (Reunion island), a man prepares to climb a block. It focuses as he will have the perseverance, strength and balance to get to the top of the rock. At the same time, a little man made his first steps, he began to... more

The Climbing Shepherd

Alun Hughes (Gro), 49 min, Language: Welsh/D - Climbing on rock and ice

Ioan Doyle always wanted to be the best. To fail was an unknown term to the Welshman - and to have to give up in a route was accordingly hard for him. After only one year of climbing experience, Ioan already achieved the British grade E5... more

A Temporada

Erick Grigorovski (Brasilien), 5 min, Language: n.v. - Climbing on rock and ice

In what seemed to be just another climbing day, Waldo faces a challenge that soon turns into his major obsession. Throughout the season, he works in what he believes to be his greatest achievement. At least until he finds out a new life project… more

Honnold 3.0

Peter Mortimer, Josh Lowell (USA), 32 min, Language: E/D - Climbing on rock and ice

Alex Honnold has become known as the boldest soloist of his generation. In this dangerous game, how does he balance pure ambition with self-preservation? From highball boulder first ascents to 5.13 free solos, from far-flung trad climbing... more

Venezuela Jungle Jam

Sean Villanueva (Belgien), 57 min, Language: F/D - Climbing on rock and ice

Deep in the Venezuelan Jungle, these four Belgian climber-musicians open a new route on the extremely difficult 500m overhanging wall of Amuri Tepui. Living on the wall for more than ten days they hope that their new musical compositions will... more

Same Same But Different

Hannes Maier , 60 min, Language: D - Climbing on rock and ice

For many years, Barbara Zangerl was known as one of the best female boulderers in the world, being one of the first females to climb the grade of 8b. At the age of 19, and at the top of her game, a serious back injury meant that Barbara's success... more

Koeniger’s Kletterkabarett

Fridolin Baur (Deutschland), 9 min, Language: D - Climbing on rock and ice

The German region Fränkische Schweiz (Frankish Switzerland) is the homeland of the cabaret artist Georg Koeniger. Some time ago, when he was hiking in the woods, he had discovered a new species, the Homo Climbericus. This human-like being has... more

Die Schwarze Madonna

Eduardo Gellner , 52 min, Language: D - Climbing on rock and ice

Ines Papert is an alpine multi-talented climber on rock and ice. Near to her home village Berchtesgaden her biggest challenge till now is awaiting her, a first ascent on the Untersberg in the tenth difficulty degree: “Die schwarze Madonna” (the... more

Jäger des Augenblicks – Ein Abenteuer am Mount Roraima

Philipp Manderla , 102 min, Language: D - Climbing on rock and ice

The legendary table mountain Roraima in the border triangle of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana is a symbol for adventure far away from any civilisation and is of a breathtaking, incomparable beauty. At the end of February 2010, the climbing super... more

Meine innere Stimme

Christoph Oliver Strunck (Deutschland), 72 min, Language: D - Climbing on rock and ice

Jens Eisenkraemer is a passionate climber from the German province. The dropout has left his daily grind behind. Within the emotional limits of personal freedom, family and society he is drifting through life today. In search of his ultimate... more


Nina Caprez & Cédric Lachat (Schweiz), 19 min, Language: F/D - Climbing on rock and ice

This film shows Nina Caprez climbing Beat Kammerlander’s route “Silbergeier” (8b+, Switzerland) as first the woman. Together with her boyfriend Cedric Lachat the 24-year-old Swiss meets the challenge of one of the most difficult alpin climbing... more