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Details Saturday, 16. Nov. 2013

09:45 Men and Turtles

Rémy Tézier (Frankreich), 52 min, Language: F/E - Nature and Environment

In Madagascar, the Comoros Islands, South Africa, Seychelles and Réunion, turtles are everywhere. People treat them in various ways: in some places they are hunted for their meat, while in others they are protected. By exploring the various fates... more

10:37 Silbergeier

Nina Caprez & Cédric Lachat (Schweiz), 19 min, Language: F/D - Climbing on rock and ice

This film shows Nina Caprez climbing Beat Kammerlander’s route “Silbergeier” (8b+, Switzerland) as first the woman. Together with her boyfriend Cedric Lachat the 24-year-old Swiss meets the challenge of one of the most difficult alpin climbing... more

10:56 Tierra del Fuego

Justine Curgenven (Gro), 51 min, Language: E - Adventure

A British couple are trying to become the first people to sea kayak 1,000 miles around the remote & windswept island of “Tierra del Fuego” at the end of the world. Shipping delays, a stolen kayak & endless red tape challenge them on land while... more

11:47 On the trails of the glaciers: Mission to Caucasus

Marco Preti (Italien), 52 min, Language: E - Nature and Environment

Photographer Fabiano Ventura and his team of experts study the effects of climate change on the world’s largest glaciers. Their latest expedition takes them to the Georgian Caucasus, an area of incomparable beauty rendered inaccessible for decades... more

12:39 Neuseeland von oben – Fjorde und Regenwälder

Bruce Morrison, Serge Ou (Neuseeland), 43 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

This impressive journey starts deep in the south of the country, in the largest and probably the most beautiful national park of New Zealand: Fjordland. A long time ago glaciers dug huge ravines and valleys into the land, later they filled with... more

13:22 Die Lena und der Ruf der Arktis

Vasili Sarana (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Two Russian friends plan a risky adventure. With a rubber boat they want to travel in the estuary of the Siberian river Lena to the northern Polar Sea. The journey, full of strange encounters with animals, ends in a labyrinth. The adventurers also... more

14:06 Michael Martin – Abenteuer Wüste – Über Wasser und Eis auf Grönland

Viktor Stauder (Deutschland), 43 min, Language: D - Adventure

The geographer, photographer and desert explorer Michael Martin exchanges his motorbike for a motor boat and a dog sledge to explore East Greenland. In summer, the polar sea is free of ice, the temperature is agreeable and it never gets dark. In... more

14:49 Kulturerbe Bauernland

Goggo Gensch (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

The presenter Dieter Moor travels to those UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which are also known for good food and good drinks. Though, also special cultivation methods are a sign of culture. On his enjoyable trip, Moor visits the famous tea... more

15:33 Apô Karim

Laurent Chevallier (Frankreich), 55 min, Language: F - Alpine and foreign cultures

For the last 25 years Laurent Chevallier has been filming „little Karim“, one of the best known high altitude porters of the Himalayas – to be more precise: of the Karakorum. Thanks to his rich experience and his long friendships with mountaineers... more

16:28 Bön – Mustang to Menri

Tad Fettig (USA), 60 min, Language: E - Nature and Environment

The film tells the story of Asonam, a 10 year old boy, who made a journey from his homeland, the ancient kingdom of Mustang (now part of Nepal) to Menri Monastery in Northern India. There Asonam made the commitment to become a Geshe, equivalent to... more