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Details Saturday, 16. Nov. 2013

Light Line

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier (Frankreich), 5 min, Language: n.v. - Adventure

Our goal was to share the feeling of flying. We went in Denmark to an amazing perfect paragliding spot to play with urban environment and some amazing sunsets. more

Der Weg ist das Ziel – Markus Kröll am Berliner Höhenweg

Hans-Peter Stauber , 52 min, Language: D - Adventure

95 kilometres and 13.320 altitude metres within 24 hours – the Tyrolean extreme mountain runner Markus Kröll faces this challenge. Since his childhood Markus Kröll had dreamed to run the “Berliner Höhenweg” in the surroundings of his home in the... more


Prosper – Der Koch am Kilimanjaro

Rudi Stangl & Raoul Kopacka , 45 min, Language: D - Alpine and foreign cultures

For more than 25 years Prosper has been climbing on the highest mountain of Africa. He works as a cook on the Kilimanjaro. Prosper alone takes care of his two children. His biggest dream is saving enough money for a motor bike. He is only one of... more

Livin’ Tiny – the Quest for Powder

Sam Giffin (Usa), 20 min, Language: E - Adventure

Where would you go if your house were portable? Would you spend each night in a new spot? Stay camped in a discovered utopia forever? Or would you leave life as a vagabond to the experts? The Outdoor Research Sidecountry skiers and snowboarders... more