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Details Tuesday, 12. Nov. 2013

I Believe I Can Dream

Petr Slanina (Tschechische Republik), 8 min, Language: n.v. - Climbing on rock and ice

“I believe I can Dream” depicts the lives of two young people, Adam Ondra and Kristýna Vlcková. Adam Ondra, already at age 20, is an acclaimed world-renowned climber and Kristýna Vlcková is devoted to rope acrobatics, in which there is no one that... more


Alastair Lee (Gro), 17 min, Language: E/D - Climbing on rock and ice

Leo Houlding is a climber known for bold ascents at the most remote big walls on our planet. This time Leo and fellow climbers Sean Leary and Jason Pickles head deep into the Amazon in an attempt to make the first ascent of the east face of the... more


A New Perspective

Corey Rich (Deutschland), 9 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

For years, David Lama has dominated the international sport climbing competitions, but at a certain moment he felt it was time to try something new, namely alpine climbing. Together with his climbing partner Peter Ortner he sets off to the... more

Baffin Arctic Dream

Pierre-Alain Hayoz (Schweiz), 24 min, Language: E - Adventure

Baffin Island is one of those rare places in the world that you do not want to leave, that you would like to stay and tame forever. It teaches you that the mountains possess another dimension. Why walk and climb so high? Why ski down these huge... more

Birdmen – the original dream of flight

Matt Sheridan (USA), 43 min, Language: E - Adventure

“Birdmen” is a documentary film about the dream of human flight becoming reality. It is dangerous, deadly, and requires years of training, but a select few have committed their lives to the pursuit of the purest form of human flight: Wingsuit BASE... more