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Outdoorfilmtag 2013


  • oeticket.com oder ticketonline.at
  • Reiseb�ro El Mundo, Schmiedgasse 16
  • Northland Store Graz, Elisabethinergassee 22
  • Alle Filialen der Steierm�rkischen Sparkasse
  • Blue Tomato Store, Murgasse 11

Vorverkauf: 18 Euro
Abendkassa: 20 Euro

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Tel: +43/316/71 66 66 www.oeticket.com

Programmänderung vorbehalten.

Details Tuesday, 16. Apr. 2013

NIPWITZ Sarajewo

From 1992 to 1996 Sarajevo was a battlefield in the Bosnian War which was the most destructive conflict in Europe since World War II. In 2012 Sarajevo was an excellent ski trip destination for the Nipwitz-Freeskiers from Finland. Nipwitz is a... more

„The Old, the Young and the Sea“ Surfdokumentation | Bühnengespräch

18 weeks, 6 regions, 1 coast. A movie about surf on the old continent. „The Old, the Young & the Sea“ is a movie about the people who inhabit, surf, travel and protect the European shores. The filmmakers Andreas Jaritz and Mario Hainzel present... more


This film shows Nina Caprez climbing Beat Kammerlander’s route “Silbergeier” (8b+, Switzerland) as first the woman. Together with her boyfriend Cedric Lachat the 24-year-old Swiss meets the challenge of one of the most difficult alpin climbing... more

Split of a Second

Espen Fadnes from Norway is Wingsuit World Champion. The film contrasts incredible footage from his helmet-camera on some of his extreme flights with a look at the personal side of flying. Espen shares his thoughts on fear and risk, jump... more

Supermax I

In 1980 „Supermax I“ was the first film about paragliding and became legendary for its great humour. Then, the first paragliding pilots had to be aware of hunters or companions in balloons. Pure vintage paragliding fun! more


Filmvortrag von Paul Guschlbauer

The competitors of the extreme race „X-Alps“ have to cover the distance from Salzburg to Monaco with a paraglider or on foot. In 2011 Paul Guschlbauer from Graz participated the first time in this tough competition and achieved the sensational 3rd... more