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Friday, 15. Nov. 2013

15:00 - Stefaniensaal
15:30 - Kammermusiksaal
16:00 - Steiermarksaal
19:30 - Stefaniensaal
20:00 - Steiermarksaal
20:30 - Kammermusiksaal
14:00 - Congress Graz - Blauer Salon


North of the Sun

Inge Wegge & Jorn Nyseth Ranum (Norwegen), 46 min, Language: Nor/D - Adventure

Inge Wegge (25) and J more

Steps - The Ride Greener Film

Philipp Eyer, Stephan Hermann (Schweiz), 50 min, Language: D - Adventure

The documentary film project more


A Temporada

Erick Grigorovski (Brasilien), 5 min, Language: n.v. - Climbing on rock and ice

In what seemed to be just another climbing day, Waldo faces a challenge that soon turns into his major obsession. Throughout the season, he works in what he believes to be his greatest achievement. At least until he finds out a new life project more

Selig, wer in Tr

Tom Dauer, Jochen Hemmleb, G√ľnther G√∂berl , 52 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

In 1997, the German mountaineer Robert Steiner could barely escape being killed in the north face of the Grandes Jorasses. However, after 14 years he comes back to the face to finish his climb. In this context the film presents the story of two... more

Pushing the Limits

Thierry Donard (Frankreich), 90 min, Language: F/E - Adventure

Constantly thinking the unthinkable and how to push their own limits is undoubtedly a source of intense satisfaction to these extraordinary athletes that we call more


Significant and Joyous Moments of Being in the Mountains

Englishman Doug Scott, born in 1941, is one of the most successful high altitude mountaineers ever. He has undertaken 45 expeditions to the highest mountains on earth, and has reached 40 summits. One half of them he climbed either on new routes or... more

Podiumsdiskussion: Modern achievements in the world of sacred mountains versus commercialism

The mountaineering legend Doug Scott, the mountain guide and extreme climber Sandy Allen, the mountaineering journalist Klaus Haselb more

Mit Fell und Horn am Fellhorn - Zwei Jungrinder und ihr Sommer

Matthias Siegle (Deutschland), 45 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

In the Allg more


Die Tr

Angela Graas (Deutschland), 29 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

According to an old fairy tale of the bushmen in Namibia, the cheetah has the tear marks on its facial fur since the time, when a young was stolen from its mother cheetah. The two cheetah brothers Tearmark and Ayla have also lost their mother and... more

Vom Kuscheln, Tr

Christian Herrmann (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

One meerkat after the other emerges from the lair. They stand on their hind legs and blink into the sun. But what happens at the end of the day, when all of them disappear again in their lair? What happens during the night? Do they all lay densely... more

Terra Sacra Time Lapses

Sean F. White (Kanada), 6 min, Language: n.v. - Nature and Environment

Filmmaker Sean F. White's breathtaking compilation of surreal landscapes and ancient monuments celebrating our sacred Earth. An around-the-globe time-lapse journey; six years in the making more

Grenzen der Felskletterei

Tom Dauer, Jochen Hemmleb, G√ľnther G√∂berl , 52 min, Language: D - Alpine Documentation

The more


The Art of Canyoning

Olaf Obsommer (Deutschland), 8 min, Language: D - Adventure

Warren Verboom has enriched the sport of canyoning. Originally this sport involves climbing in gorges, abseiling along rivers and whenever possible jumping into the next pond. Warren however is an aesthete. He considers gorges to be artwork of... more


Leanne Pooley (Neuseeland), 85 min, Language: D - Adventure

In October 1914, the captain Frank Worsley, is on target for the Antarctic, under the command of Sir Ernest Shackleton. Only 60 miles before the Antarctic coast, the more

Honnold 3.0

Peter Mortimer, Josh Lowell (USA), 32 min, Language: E/D - Climbing on rock and ice

Alex Honnold has become known as the boldest soloist of his generation. In this dangerous game, how does he balance pure ambition with self-preservation? From highball boulder first ascents to 5.13 free solos, from far-flung trad climbing... more

Venezuela Jungle Jam

Sean Villanueva (Belgien), 57 min, Language: F/D - Climbing on rock and ice

Deep in the Venezuelan Jungle, these four Belgian climber-musicians open a new route on the extremely difficult 500m overhanging wall of Amuri Tepui. Living on the wall for more than ten days they hope that their new musical compositions will... more



Same Same But Different

Hannes Maier , 60 min, Language: D - Climbing on rock and ice

For many years, Barbara Zangerl was known as one of the best female boulderers in the world, being one of the first females to climb the grade of 8b. At the age of 19, and at the top of her game, a serious back injury meant that Barbara's success... more


Fridolin Baur (Deutschland), 9 min, Language: D - Climbing on rock and ice

The German region Fr more


Thomas Miklautsch , 32 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Numerous climatic, political and civilising changes have a great impact on the settlements in the central Amazon area. Step by step the local people develop their own mentality regarding a sustainable and well-adapted life in the heart of the... more


Jean Guillemot (Frankreich), 46 min, Language: F/D - Nature and Environment

Located in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Nahanni River is known as the man-eater. In total, 41 people lost their lives in trying to overcome the river. Stephanie Huc and Jean Guillemot with the help of a Canadian team try to cover... more



Michael und Rita Schlamberger , 50 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Floods in summer, ice blocks in winter more

14:00 Die R

Florian Berger, Stefan Polasek , 50 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Children songs prove the prominence of this colourful bird as well as the old Greek comedies, where it is even considered as the more

14:50 J

Philipp Manderla , 102 min, Language: D - Climbing on rock and ice

The legendary table mountain Roraima in the border triangle of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana is a symbol for adventure far away from any civilisation and is of a breathtaking, incomparable beauty. At the end of February 2010, the climbing super... more

16:32 Killing Beauty

Rastislav Hatiar (Slowakei), 18 min, Language: CZ/D - Adventure

So far, there is only one way to K2: walking several days across one of the world more

16:50 Regen als Segen

Peter Weinert (Deutschland), 45 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

Every year millions of Indian farmers eagerly await the monsoon rains, such as the small village Javele Baleshwar. If the monsoon arrives too late, the seeds wither on the field. If the rain is too heavy, it washes away the crop. The dry earth... more

17:35 Die deutsche Donau

J√ľrgen Eichinger (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

The Danube is considered as the Queen of the Rivers. Its course is one of the most picturesque and changing on our continent. With its length of almost 3000 km, it is the second longest river in Europe more

18:19 K2: Siren of the Himalayas

19:34 Split of a Second

John Boisen, Björn Fävremark (Schweden), 9 min, Language: SW/D - Adventure

Espen Fadnes from Norway is Wingsuit World Champion. The film contrasts incredible footage from his helmet-camera on some of his extreme flights with a look at the personal side of flying. Espen shares his thoughts on fear and risk, jump... more

19:43 Sur les Traces de la Panth

Eric Dragesco (Schweiz), 54 min, Language: F - Nature and Environment

Former hunting guide Baasan now works in ecotourism and travels regularly in the most remote valleys of his country, Mongolia. This year, he starts alone to meet his friends, the Alta more

20:37 Crossing the Ice

Justin Jones (Australien), 44 min, Language: E - Adventure

No one has ever survived the unassisted expedition across the Antarctic to the South Pole and back again. Explorers Justin Jones and James Castrission set out to make this world first attempt, only to realize that it more

21:21 The Journey

Shary Jones (Australien), 19 min, Language: E - Adventure

This is a film following a disabled Tasmanian riding his Trike across the Himalayas. For renowned climber Paul Pritchard cycling is the only way he will be able to return to the Mountains and make the pilgrimage to Mount Everest. He is accompanied... more

21:40 The Untouched Project

Mitja Legat (Slowenien), 27 min, Language: SLO/E - Adventure

Untouched project is a series of short sports films that connects the best Slovenian skiers and snowboarders with guests from other European countries. Project's emphasis is on explorations of nature, progressive approach to sport and moving one's... more

22:07 Wildes Bayern

Jan Haft (Deutschland), 44 min, Language: D - Nature and Environment

The Watzmann peak and the depths of the Lake K more