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Geertjan Lassche

Journalist and film maker Geertjan Lassche has specialised in direct cinema-style documentaries on extreme worlds in which he observes characters 'close to the skin'. For example, he followed recruits during the training phase of the Dutch elite unit Korps Mariniers (comparable to the Royal Marine Corps) for nine months in the documentary The Chosen Ones, he resided for one and a half year near the top class professional cyclist Thomas Dekker, who had been caught using doping (Niemand Kent Mij - 'Nobody Knows Me'), he dove into the world of skating on natural ice (Zwart IJs - 'Black Ice') and he had the opportunity to follow internists of the Intensive Care unit of the Erasmus hospital in Rotterdam for four months, without any restrictions (Van Leven Ga Je Dood - 'Living Kills You').

Stephan Mussil

Stephan Mussil considers a camera not only to be a technical, but more a psychological instrument. Therefore, for him the dialogues between the protagonists and the camera, the processes and the choreography of a shot are as important as the skilled crafts, such as light, perspective, focal width and picture details. The Austrian camera man and photographer sees the main task of his work “to picture a given reality with a high artistic and technical ambition and thus to evoke the audience’s interest, to discover hidden things, and to cause fascination.” He has produced numerous documentaries, commercials and features, and he has been awarded important prices such as the Romy or the Golden Camera LA.

Lisi Steurer

The desire for intensive moments has always driven the Austrian mountain and ski guide Lisi Steurer. The adventure in your mind. People with whom she could share these moments. For the moment, she has found all of this in mountaineering. The Alpine references of the all-round-athlete include a first ascent of the routes „Azazar“ (Taghia, Marokko) and ”Power of Silence“ (Middle Huey Spire, Canada), and a first ascent of the 6000m high Sarpo Laggo Peak as well as a second place at the Ice Climbing World Championship in Switzerland in 2001. Nevertheless, for her, mountaineering is a personal experience which has nothing to do with competitions. Since 2011, she has been responsible for the communication of the “Piolet d’Or” in the German speaking world.

Silvo Karo


Silvo’s climbs on Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, Torre Egger, and Bhagirathi were the milestones of his career, which included Himalayan giants as well as 8a sport climbing. He’s been a member of the French Groupe de Haute Montagne since 1991 and became an honorary member of the British Alpine Club in 2010. In 1987 he took a camera to the south face of Cerro Torre and won the Silver Gentian for the best mountaineering film at Trento's film festival. He is the founder and director of the Festival gorniškega filma (Mountain Film Festival) in Domžale, Slovenia. He is also a photographer and writer. His essay „Patagonia: Terra Mystica” for the book “Voices from the Summit” was published by National Geographic. In 2018, his autobiographical book „Alpinist” came out and was already translated into Italian and English.

Hans-Urs Bachmann

Born in 1973, the Swiss Hans-Urs Bachmann has studied cinematics at the Centro d’Estudis Cinematografics de Catalunya (CECC) and at the Bande à Part – Escuela de Cine, both in Barcelona. Since 2010 he has been working as a producer, director and cameraman in his own company VAMOS! Film GmbH. After several commercials and promotional films Hans-Urs Bachmann, as a director and camera man, has realised the film „1st Afghan Ski Challenge“ about a unique initiative of two Swiss journalists. They organised the first ski race in Afghanistan, where 12 highly motivated young men stood at the start, after having surmounted weird obstacles. They had learnt skiing only two weeks before. This film found a huge echo of the audience at the 23rd International Mountain & Adventure Film Festival Graz 2011 and in 2012 has won in the category „Best Film on Mountain Sport“ at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. His current film project “A Clean Future” has led Hans-Urs Bachmann to Slovenia, on behalf of the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to document the three projects which enhance renewable energies supported by Switzerland.