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Leo Dickinson im Portrait

Leo Dickinson im Portrait
49 min
Werner Bertolan (Deutschland)
Alpine Documentation
When & Where
In 1970 he was the first to film the complete ascent of the Eiger north face, he was a filming witness when Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler climbed Mount Everest without using oxygen bottles, he was the first to fly in an hot-air balloon across the highest peak on earth. Leo Dickinson, today 66 years old, has been the world leading adventure film maker for a long time. He presented new camera angles which until then were completely unknown, on 16mm films, long before there existed video cameras in mini size, which can be fixed almost anywhere and which run constantly. This documentary presents the most spectacular shots of Dickinson’s films, visits Dickinson at his home, on the south west coast of England, guides him once again to the Eiger North Face and lets the audience look behind the backdrops of Leo Dickinson’s film work.

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2013

A portrait of a great film maker who always has ideas, like a powerful erupting volcano and who always finds new styles for his documentaries. His camera was always in the centre of action. A great film maker who will inspire young film makers to make impressive adventure films. In the pre-GoPro-era Leo Dickinson reaches the limits without neglecting the ethics.