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Höllentrip Antarktis – Shackletons Retter

Höllentrip Antarktis – Shackletons Retter
85 min
Leanne Pooley (Neuseeland)
When & Where
In October 1914, the captain Frank Worsley, is on target for the Antarctic, under the command of Sir Ernest Shackleton. Only 60 miles before the Antarctic coast, the “Endurance” is stuck in the pack ice and is slowly scrunched by the ice masses. The fate for the men seems to be sealed. It will last 15 months until they finally can launch the life boats – however, this is only the beginning of the next torture. Thanks to the implementation of moving drama scenes we learn about the strains suffered by the crew in the icy cold of the Antarctic and we experience how Frank Worsley managed to lead the life boats under the worst conditions across pack ice, sea currents and winter storms. This is the story of Shackleton’s transarctic expedition, told – for the first time – from the perspective of his captain.