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Steps - The Ride Greener Film

Steps - The Ride Greener Film
50 min
Philipp Eyer, Stephan Hermann (Schweiz)
When & Where
The documentary film project „Ride Greener“ has created the first climate-friendly snowboard and ski film. It gives an insight into the world of different protagonists who all have in common their deep relationship to mountains. All of them are alarmed in front of the progressing climate change, therefore they are looking for an alternative. They want to live their passion in harmony with nature and experience the mountain world in an ecological, sustainable way. Instead of flying around the world to find some snow, they prefer to explore the Alps in their neighbourhood, to use only public transports and to reach the highest and most impressive summits by their own means only, before descending with spectacular jumps. Their opinions concerning the impacts of the climate change, the fascination and freedom of snow boarding and skiing and their brainstorming leave the audience in deep thoughts about winter sports and every-day life.