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The Old, the Young & the Sea

The Old, the Young & the Sea
90 min
Mario Hainzl & Andreas Jaritz
When & Where
“The Old, the Young & the Sea“ embarks on an adventurous search along Europe's Atlantic Coast framing a vivid snapshot of Europe's (Surfing-)Culture. The audience will be introduced into a world in which surfing is not just seen as a mere spare time activity. In this world surfing is rather experienced as an ever pervading lifestyle of its protagonists. Surfing concentrates people from all over Europe on a geographically very slim stretch of land/water. As a matter of fact surfing in Europe gives us a schematic picture of the vibrant European cultures. Both, people's and landscape's similarities as well as contrasts are the linking element to divine a complex universe. In short: Europe's beaches are melting pots, giving both habitants and visitors deep insights into Europe's cultures and lifestyles.